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PDF data logger, single use

With embedded raw data

Multiple alarm zones (6 ranges)

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PDF data logger for temperature/humidity

Multiple use, 400 days

Automatic PDF report with raw data

USB connector          more >>
Network wireless data logger, 8-channel

LAN and USB connection


Temperature / humidity data logger

High-precision instrument

±1.5 %RH, ±0.2 °C

Reliable and proven design  more >>

Elpro Industries


Pharmaceutical Production & Laboratory
Laboratories & production facilities of companies producing (bio)- pharmaceuticals or other products serving the healthcare industry must comply with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. ELPRO provides a wide range of environmental monitoring solutions for laboratories and production facilities >>    Pharmaceutical Logistics & Distribution
Distributing (bio)-pharmaceuticals or other products serving the healthcare industry is a challenge due to the complexity of the distribution chain from production to patient. ELPRO provides tailor-made solutions for everybody involved in logistics and distribution of such products and taking ownership of storage and transport >>
Hospitals, clinics, practitioners, pharmacies ─ whenever temperature-sensitive materials and products are handled, stored or applied. ELPRO provides a wide range of monitoring solutions for healthcare applications: easy to install and use worldwide >>   Biobanking & Life Science
The storage and transportation of biological samples used in research must fulfill the highest requirements with regard to uninterrupted temperature control. Often stored in ultra-low temperature freezers or liquid nitrogen vessels, monitoring systems are key to guaranteeing product integrity over many years >>
Temperature and humidity are key elements in production and storage of premium food products. ELPRO has a long history in supplying monitoring systems to companies that process and store all kinds of high-quality foods in Switzerland and Germany >>
 Ambient Conditions

Whenever temperature and humidity are key to the quality of your product, ELPRO's solutions can be used in any industry to monitor temperature and humidity during research, production, storage or transport, from A for automotive to Z for zoo >>
 Elpro Solutions        
Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions
Based on the revolutionary LIBERO PDF Logger invention: the world's most flexible cold chain management solution, without software at origin or destination, with various data management and integration options >>
  Central Monitoring Systems
Easy to install, 100 % compliant, fully scalable, central control with automated reporting: ELPRO's central monitoring system for a wide range of applications in various industries >>
Site Monitoring Systems
Efficient and compliant systems for monitoring of single refrigerators and laboratory equipment, with or without external alarm >>
Container Monitoring Systems
Adding customer benefit to your container / vessel: customized temperature monitoring systems for mobile storage and transport equipment >>
Test & Verification Systems
Define acceptance criteria, measure / log, analyze and report. Precise and reliable products for various industries and applications >>
Professional services: from accredited calibration, installation and commissioning and a thermal mapping service, to facility verification and transport validation >>