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Pressure, Temperature, Level Measurement

WIKA is a global market leader in Pressure, Temperature and Level measurement technology. Working together with our customers, we develop comprehensive solutions based on our high-quality measurement technology components, with the solutions ultimately being integrated in their business processes.

WIKA  deliver 50 million quality products to over 100 countries every year.  Worldwide, approximately 600 million WIKA measuring instruments are in use. 

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Pressure and Temperature Switches

More than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of safety switches have resulted in the development of the "user-friendly generation" of our BETA Pressure & Temperature Switches. Our products are distinguished by highest reliability and are used in virtually any sector of industry.

Highest quality and worldwide certification of our products for safety-critical applications ensure reliable monitoring of your plant, equipment or installation. BETA safety switches are assembled according to your requirements and are available in more than 10 million versions. Your special request might be a standard for us.

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Relative Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity, Mass Flow, CO2

As a specialist for sensors, E+E Elektronik produces Humidity Sensors, CO2 Sensors, Flow Sensors, Transmitters, Hand-Held meters, Dataloggers for the measurement of Relative Humidity, Moisture  in Oil, Dewpoint, Air  Velocity, Mass Flow, CO2 and Temperature.

E+E also operates a nationally accredited calibration lab and is appointed to maintain the "National Standard for Humidity in Austria".

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Dew Point, RH, Moisture Analysers, Oxygen Analysers

Manufacturers of dew-point transmitters, dewpointmeters, chilled/cooled mirror hygrometers, relative humidity sensors, process moisture analyzers, hydrocarbon dew-point analyzers, moisture in liquid analysers and oxygen analysers, Michell Instruments is an international leader in high-precision sensing with over 30 years’ experience in the field

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Pressure measurement in Cleanrooms, Air Conditioning and OEM applications

Should you need to control the pressure in your cleanroom to protect it from contaminated air, you need to supervise an air filter or a fan in the field of air conditioning. Your machine needs to have an underpressure or overpressure maintained. Or the volume flow within your air duct needs to  be measured.

Halstrup-Walcher offers both standard and customer specific solutions for high-level pressure measurement applications. We look forward to helping you sense every single Pascal!

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Process Instrumentation.

ABB offer process instrumentation for flow and analytical.

Electromagnetic flowmetering systems, Mass Flow, PH Systems, Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonia, Pressure and Level Transmitters.

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Red Lion Controls

Red Lion Controls manufacturers and distributes a family of quality and value orientated industrial control products from the product groups listed below. With a worldwide sales presence, Red Lion is able to provide solutions for all your controls and monitoring applications.

Digital and Analog Panel Meters

Process Control

Human Interface machines

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