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Services offered by

The Service offered by is not just limited to a Calibration Certificate. We offer a flexibility that makes getting your instrument calibrated by Instrument Technology as easy and uncomplicated as it should be.

Traceable Calibrations : Calibrations performed in-house are fully traceable to recognised international standards

Nationwide Collection / Delivery : Our Shipping partners visit our offices twice daily and have full nationwide coverage for collection and delivery of your unit.

Full Results Supplied : We offer full traceable calibration certification to national standards. We have technical support staff available to discuss your requirement.

5 Working Day Turnaround Time : Our standard turnaround time is five working days. Our streamlined system also allows for flexibility to provide for a quicker turnaround should you require it.

24 Priority Turaround in Emergencies : Under Pressure !!!! We have a priority turnaround (Surcharge Applies).

Free Quotation on Repairs : Should your instrument be the worse for wear, we have experienced service personnel available to advise you on repair costs and parts required.

Technical Support : We can provide technical support, via telephone or e-mail, on supported equipment. (Our support service is available freely to all our customers, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday).

On-line Services : We are currently working on providing a range of on-line services to make it easier for customers to view their calibration history and download certificates. For the moment, we offer e-mail copy certificates in pdf format which means that you need never be without your calibration documentation.

Insured Transport services : When using our collection and delivery services, all equipment which is pre-booked and manifested is insured in transit.

Computer Automated Calibration System : Using a fully integrated software system and the latest technology in instrumentation, we are able to calibrate your instruments efficiently and at the same time log its progress through our laboratory, from the moment it arrives to the time it is despatched. Calibration, procedures, repairs, job and customers details are all stored on our database. Your instrument history is available to you at any time.

Calibration Recall / Reminder Letters : In order to assist the operation of your Q.A system and avoid instrument re-calibration being overlooked, we include a free of charge reminder letter three weeks before calibration is due.